Logging of control data in systems to analyse problems, for instance VTR falsely reporting valid timecode on blank tape, where the responsibility for the fault can be determined
Development of control equipment or software, initial testing of Palm Pilot based tape logger without need for access to real decks, demonstrating control software at exhibitions
Off line editing of menu parameters from the Sony DVW series of VTRs. Menu settings can be downloaded to devices brought in on hire allowing them to be set to the station standard. Simple error monitoring is also included
DLL for accessing information available over the Sony ISR protocol link, such as hour meter readings and error logs
DLL utility handling low level control of RS422 VTR interface for high level applications
DLL for emulation of RS422 remote control interface suitable for PC based video servers
Prototyping of command macros before coding into a finished product, time lapse recording, synchronising of VTRs - DOS only no longer supported


Detection of small timecode discontinuites in sources tapes prior to digitising
ClipFinder controls a Thomson Nextore video server for playout of clips across multiple ports.
InstantQ provides remote control of up to 8 Doremi V1 hard disc players over an Ethernet connection and allows video/audio clips to be defined and played out from the computer screen.
ShowPlay controls up to 8 VTRs via RS422 serial interface, VTRs can be controlled individually or in a selected group.
Timecode locks one Slave VTR to a Master VTR
Control of VTRs equipped with either Sony RS422 or UVW series RS232 for unattended recording of incoming feeds
Error monitoring and logging for up to 8 DVW series VTRs
Simple shot logging and previewing with export to EDL, also control of a single VTR for playing out clips
Playback of video and key signals for composite effects and timed cueing of DVEs - no longer supported




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