TekRemote - interfaces to a Tektronix 764 digital audio test set, it remotely accesses the on screen menu options and logs instantaneous peak audio levels against timecode.

tekremote.gif (17146 bytes)


PanCamIF - connects to a Panasonic AWE 800 series camera providing a simple GUI alternative to the camera on screen menus


TimecodeGPI - produces a GPI via the serial port handshake lines when the monitored timecode matches the preset value

timecodegpi.gif (5796 bytes)


EDLCalc - utility for assisting timecode offset calculations in sound dubbing suites


VTOverlap - controls two VTRs allowing continuous recording across multiple tapes

vtoverlap.gif (12318 bytes)


VTLoop - program to repeatedly loop a section of tape for test/demonstration purposes

vtloop.gif (8662 bytes)


MultiRecord - has similar functions to VTRecord but extended to control up to 8 recorders



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