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             DeckCtrl demonstration program

The DeckCtrl project to encapsulate VTR control into a convenient building block started as an ActiveX module, this has now been superseded by a DLL.

In addition to exporting the same methods, the DLL can handle simultaneous control of upto 8 VTRs, header and import files are available for use with       Visual Basic v6, Visual C++ v6 and Delphi host languages.

The DLL is only intended for use with VTR decks supporting Sony 9-pin RS422 remote control as found on professional and broadcast equipment.

DeckCtrl exports around 200 methods and properties so that the VTR can be controlled from within an application by calling methods such as:-


        Get LastTimecode(VTRNumber H,M,S,F)


See help file for full description of facilities available.



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Last modified: June 29, 2013