ImageOn The HD Stills Store



ImageOn is a new design of video Stills Store intended for the broadcast market and is initially available in uncompressed HD.

The current version can accept an HD or SD signal as a grab input but processes signals internally in HD.

The system has five HD outputs - Main, Preview for Playout stack1 and Main, Preview for Playout stack 2 along with a movie output and one HD/SD grab input.

The Main and Preview outputs are associated with the two playout stacks, 99 stacks are available and these can be saved to disc for archiving or transfer to other ImageOn units.

An HD AVI file can be played out from the movie output.

Full drag and drop setup and editing of the playout stacks is provided by the main interface comprising – screen, keyboard and mouse.

Comprehensive facilities for searching stills are provided.

A small remote control keypad is supplied which covers grab and most playout functions.

Still image files can be imported and auto sized to fit the display area, formats supported are - uncompressed Bitmap, Jpeg, Targa and Tiff.

The importing of still images can be either directly from a USB memory stick or by remotely copying files into a network shared folder, the shared folder is continuously monitored for new files.

Transitions between stills in the playout stacks can be set separately for each still, options include fades and a variety of wipes.

Stills are stored on RAID disc sets for data security.

Preliminary help file - ImageOn.pdf


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Last modified: June 29, 2013