Main Screen
Main Screen

InstantQ provides remote control of up to 8 Doremi V1 hard disc players and allows video/audio clips to be defined and played out from the computer screen.

Clips can be linked together to form playout lists

The main screen of InstantQ gives direct access to 12 clips which can be on any of the 8 players, transport buttons for CueUp, Play and Stop are provided and these can be used with a touchscreen display or mouse.

Bargraph and timecode countdown displays show the progress of clip playout.

An image can be associated with each clip and displayed on the main screen to assist with identifying the required clip

Extensive clip and sequence editing facilities are provided, along with the option to import/export data via a text file for offline preparation using a spreadsheet.

The communication links between the Doremi units and the controlling PC are via an Ethernet connection.

Examples of use are - playing in clips at conferences from multiple players, quick access to stings or idents for fast moving shows.

See Press Release from one user


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Last modified: June 29, 2013