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In 1995 the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) issued standard number 273M describing a Status Monitoring and Diagnostic Protocol (SMDP):-

"The primary intent of this standard is to establish the protocol between a supervisory controller and associated video/audio equipment. In addition it seeks to establish a common set of commands that should be used in SMDP-based systems. A provision allows for manufacturer-specific commands in addition to the common set"

This protocol was intended to be used as a diagnostic tool, directly on individual items of equipment or via a data network connecting a large number of devices to a central controller. Very few manufacturers have implemented the SMDP, most preferring to use proprietary systems.

One of the manufacturers who has included the protocol in its product range is Sony, referred to in their documentation as the Interactive Status Reporting (ISR) protocol.

MenuEdit was written to incorporate the Sony ISR extensions to the SMPTE standard commands as found on their DVW series of video tape recorders. The menu settings can be extracted from the VTR, edited and loaded back into the same VTR or saved to disc for later use.

Edit dialog window
Edit dialog window

bulletOffLine editing of DVW series menu parameters
bulletCopying menu settings between machines
bulletExamination of other devices supporting ISR protocol

Channel Condition Reports
Channel Condition Reports

A recent addition to MenuEdit is the ability to monitor the error levels on both video and audio channels. The timecode at which the error appeared is displayed and an audio alarm sounded.



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