SpotOn Release Notes


The current version of SpotOn is v0.978 and all users should be running this version.

v0.978   17/01/2014
      Global Properties and Output Device Assign lists widened
  v0.977   30/12/2013
      TxMode playout logging, save Network Playout Log files Ctrl+P
  v0.976   25/11/2013
      Copy and Paste of Trim In/Out via global clipboard added under Render menu on Trim page
  v0.975   6/11/2013
      Locked Midi notes being copied when buttons swapped via clipboard fix
  v0.974   11/10/2013
      Playlist loop 9999 bug fixed - left over from attempting multiple loop exits
      TxMode log filter
  v0.973   03/9/2013
      MP3 ID3 tag Unicode fix
      FTP mode changed to Passive
  v0.972   23/8/2013
      Off screen Mouse Cursor error fixed
  v0.971   05/08/2013
  v0.970   21/12/2012
  v0.969   21/10/2012
      Option In Place Conversion to save 24>32 bit conversions and decompressed files to source folder
Global Properties page 4 was checking all outputs on exit not just leaving those already checked
PBus bug message stack 32/64 bit integer conflict
  v0.968   12/06/2012
Copying buttons caused MidiNoteOut to be copied to MidiStopOut
Master Slave link name dropdown causing error on number >100
  v0.967   01/05/2012
      Accepts latest ProTools WAV format
Bug in direct entry of Trim In/Out values fixed
Provision to extract CD tracks direct to disc
  v0.963   01/02/2012
      Stop Slave triggers speed window slowdown to zero if speed window is open on stopping button
ShowPlayedBtnsOn, ShowPlayedBtnsOff, ClearPlayedBtns added to Network Master/Slave control
Network Play message was being sent when button Stopped so slave PC restarted button
Panel Image and button colour copy using Ctrl+Alt+Shift left drag
Floating timecode display window added
Play Delay used on Master button triggered Slave on Click then again at end of Play Delay
Once Play Delay option was disabled in session there was no method of re-enabling
v0.96 01/12/10
Stop on MouseUp option in Button Menu
Stop Page on Play option in Button Menu
Trim page bargraphs now respond to pan setting
Palette selection added to Output colours dialog
Trackname font can be set independently on each button
Option to indicate buttons that have been played since the session was loaded
Default Midi Out Velocity/Volume was 64 now 127 (maximum)
All Stop button indicates when escape pressed
Button WAV files can be copied to Windows Clipboard
5.1 surround sound pan
Expand number of track channels
Save pages as screen images to bmp or jpg files
CD burner utility for for *.cda and *.wav
Replay Gain Metadata displayed
DTMF tone decoder
Option to Burn Packages to CD/DVD
MicroFades for short FadeIn durations
Play Delay extended to operate on buttons however they are triggered
Session file font sizes corrupted by importing blocks based on a different font reference frame
Midi All Stop command will stop all tracks not just those triggered from Midi
Preferred WAV file editor saved in session file
Timecode Trigger list added
MicroFades for all FadeOut durations
Play Delay added to Paste Special
Status Primary buffer details shown in wrong order
MultiChannel channel mask not reset when changing outputs causing channel order to be incorrect
Fine Trim of In Point added to Trim In options
Hide all button text option added to aid display of button images
Telephone effects and filtered tracks loaded onto next available button take the original trim points
/HardwareMxr switch added to force soundcard hardware mixer to on - defaults to off
Mixdown of 5.1 tracks prior to burning to CD
Paste from Windows Clipboard
Merge timecode option not taking into account trimmed tracks
Output device order checked against last run - outputs repatched if possible
Option to save new output patching or treat it as temporary
Latest version of PackageConvertor added at end of each package file - for future use
24bit to 32bit conversion mono channel bug fixed
Windows 64 bit check added to status window
New Session now resets button colour and font sizes
5.1 mix down coefficients changed to ITU standard
Level options added to timecode generator
PlayDelay limit increased to 999s and shown in main window status bar hint
PlayDelay play button flash now on Trim and Audio windows
"Other pages playing" now always shown on tabs
Ctrl+F open/restore SpotOnSearch
iXML metadata decoder
Play Stack utility, Play group 24 fades out Play Stack tracks
AC3 and DTS decoders added
Load New Session on startup option
Utility filename clear menu option added
Click Track generator
CD Track ripping
Playlists reinserted to merged timecode file
More metadata fields added to Playout Logs
CD Track details lookup
Option to draw highlight rectangle/corners on buttons playing
Button colour on a per Genre basis
BWAV Description field into log as Notes field
I+O (In/Out) keyboard shortcuts in Trim window
Spacebar in trim window toggles Play from In/Stop
Button Fx being switched on after session load but no parameters set
Sample frequency button highlight on shift right click Play mode panel
PPM level meters
Multichannel fine trim
Autoload CD metadata
Virtual Playlist segments
Play/Stop - Play/Menu option now set by click on status panel
Fine Trim dialog features extended
Trap added for very long path names and filenames (not paths) truncated if too long
Fade out when Speed automatically slowed to zero improved
Set PC clock from external timecode
FTP client added to upload debug logs directly to web site
Trap to stop NetworkMidiOut being set when loading package onto another PC
Midi Channel selection now scrolls in loop and default is AnyChannel
Test to warn on opening Audition>v1.x whilst tracks playing
Log Window set to stay visible
Ignore Emulated Devices option added to cover use of WAVE/WDM Combo sound card drivers
Number of channels button highlight on control right click Play mode panel
Popup hints for long text added to Playout, Event and UDPScan grids
@ Loop command added to CUES message options
$01 option added to LIST message to return numbers of tracks playing
Cascade Links Admin option to allow slaves to trigger masters
LinkDrag now resets link to be Play/Stop cancelling any existing VO/Pause/Pan
Play Slaves now permitted in Groups
Page Change UDP message being sent with MidiOut Off now fixed
Output Patching/Masking now covers 256 devices, Masking for outputs>16 will need to be reset
LeftToBoth and RightToBoth properties swapped so not saved correctly in sessions
LeftToBoth and other mixdown options added to Render to New File option
Global properties page 4 set to reorder output devices
Multichannel files that failed to load into stereo version now listed in dialog
Fast IIR filters added to Effects window (44k/48k only)
Button gain setting shown in popup hint and status bar
Timecode Chase of AutoPlay buttons to external timecode
Timecode file generator sample rate now 48000Hz was 44100Hz
Timecode Biphase correction option
Midi Out devices not loaded correctly from sessions built with v0.951 and earlier
Click track BPM resolution extended
Global level meters
PanL/PanR added to status bar hint
Status bar shows timecode in magenta if chase enabled
Option to clear Editor/Search/CD Burner utilities on cancelling selection dialog
Render Trimmed track to file fixed
Highlight of bit depth
Midi assignments not showing correct channel number when starting from 'Any'
Midi loopback status shown in lower case instead of italics conflicting with UDP Midi
SMPTE TC on/off option added to Int/Ext dialog with warning label if disabled
Web version check every 7 days
MIDI files can now be loaded onto buttons
Advanced Editing option moved to Options menu from Engineering menu
Repatching of multichannel tracks
Delayed start time for Play Stack
Render file fade law taking original button setting not current setting
Force GPI Poll Check moved into Admin|Misc menu
Global Properties default values changed
Menu item locator added
Remote support option added to Help menu
Midi Note Out on button stop
Timecode Triggers trigger time window changed

Changes planned for next release:-
  None at present - please let us know of any suggestions


Download copy of latest help file 14th February 2014

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