TCLogger was commissioned by P3Post ( in the UK, to assist finding timecode discontinuities on DigiBeta DVW700 source tapes that can subsequently cause lip sync errors in edited material.

The time code errors occur around the assemble edits performed by the camera at the beginning of takes, the errors are a break in the true ascending sequence of timecode.

Examples found include:-

    a, 3 or more consecutive fields reporting the same timecode value
    b, timecode changes on field 1/2 boundaries
In the short term these do not cause problems but after several errors the difference between a true timecode sequence and the tape timecode can be significant, such that when the whole tape is digitised the timecode calculated by the digitiser is in error by several frames, making it impossible to match the video to a separate timecoded audio recording.

The consequences of this are that additional editing time is required to manually re-sync the audio.

However, if these errors can be detected in advance of digitising the above problems can be avoided.

TCLogger monitors the replay timecode from a DVW500 and compares it with predicted values, any errors are logged enabling the timecode breaks to be identified. The program can also produce a file compatible with the Avid ALE format that excludes the periods containing discontinuities.

TCLogger requires a 450MHz CPU running Win NT4 or Win 2000 to operate efficiently, in addition the PC will need an RS422 serial port or adaptor to enable communication with the DVW500 VTR.


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Last modified: June 29, 2013