Main Screen 
Main screen.

VTDecode is a utility to assist developers of remote control equipment and software, the program provides plain text decoding of control data from a variety of different protocols.

Time stamped data can be recorded by the program or read from disc, the output text file can be filtered to include/exclude specific command types.

If required, Sony RS422 codes can be manually entered to check individual command syntax.

By using a simple external interface, both the transmit and receive data streams can be merged onto one PC com port, so enabling convenient monitoring of command and response traffic - as shown in the screen shot below.

Example of decoder output 
Example of decoding a data file

bulletLogging of serial data to file with hh:mm:ss timestamp
bulletRS422 - Sony, Panasonic, Tektronix, Odetics and Louth Automation
bulletRS232 - Sony ISR & UVW, Panasonic D3 & DVCPro  
bulletFull decoding of status information with Sony RS422 data
bulletManual decoding option
bulletHex dump



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