Main Screen
Main Screen

When developing control software or testing programs that require access to a VTR, the usual solution is to connect up a VTR deck. This has the disadvantage of tying up a piece of equipment that could often be used more profitably elsewhere.

As an alternative to a VTR deck, a computer program can be used to emulate most of the functions.

VTMulate emulates a VTR as regards the RS422 remote control functions, it can be used as a player or recorder when testing or demonstrating other equipment.

The type of VTR being emulated can be selected, along with the option to restrict the command set to the capabilities of the specified device.

The program is able to display in real time the status of the emulated device and also log the messages between VTMulate and the controlling device for later analysis.

Message Log Window
Message Log Window

bulletSaves on machine wear and hiring charges
bulletLogs last 64K of messages for analysis
bulletReal time display of received commands
bulletSony RS422 and UVW protocols implemented
bulletEmulates over 100 commands



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Last modified: June 29, 2013