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VTRemote is a PC based program for monitoring,debugging and prototyping VTR remote control systems, an integral programming language gives the ability to produce a wide variety of test procedures.
The programming language and development environment allow control of broadcast video tape recorders and any other equipment that responds to the industry standard remote control protocol, sometimes referred to as the 'Sony Protocol', 9-pin remote or RS422 remote.

bulletPascal-style real time programming language with over 260 commands
bulletSingle step through program execution
bulletRS422 & some RS232 protocols supported (interface required for RS422)
bulletLogging and decoding of remote control data
bulletGrab most formats of serial data for analysis
bulletGPI interfaces via serial and parallel ports
bulletCodecs for:- RS422 - Sony, Panasonic; RS232 - Sony ISR, and Panasonic D3/D5
bulletRS422 decoders for:- Tektronix, Odetics Broadcast & Louth Automation
bulletFast DOS text mode windowed environment with pull down menus
bulletFull documentation

Availability - no longer supported



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